Together We Make A Difference

Something extraordinary is happening in El Paso, Texas. People are coloring outside the lines of traditional volunteer work to take compassion volunteer service to the people one person at a time.

You can be a part of the El paso Baptist Clinic family in so many different ways. In fact, without you, we are not quite the family that we want to be. Individuals, families, civic organizations, churches, businesses, schools, police/fire departments, and more, all join together to form this wonderful family.

Opportunities to Serve

Volunteer Staff-






Ancillary Staff

Volunteers are needed on Saturdays in shifts between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



*Larger Facility

· Volunteers to staff the clinic

· Financial support for operating expenses, salaries, medicines, medical and other supplies.

· Lunches for patients and staff

To volunteer or for questions:

Eleanor Poe, Executive Director, 915-755-4750, [email protected]
Sylvia Weakley, Assistant Director, 915- 867-1522, [email protected]
Mary Wakefield, Pres., Board of Directors, 915-329-0357 [email protected]

El Paso Baptist Clinic
816 S. Florence St
El Paso, Texas 79901