Obesity problem and how to get rid of it

Obesity problem and how to get rid of it

Obesity is described as the deposition of surplus fats in the body. In short, we call it as ‘overweight’. Men, women, children or teenagers, anyone can get into trouble if they are suffering from obesity. The problem of overweight has increased in the last two decades. The problem of obesity should be treated properly else people may face many problems in life. There are several reasons behind people getting fat. Some of the reasons for obesity are discussed below:

Faulty lifestyle is one of the main reasons why people suffer from obesity. The main fact is that we live hectic lives and hence we are unable to maintain any disciplined lifestyle. We are always in a hurry and are busy in our work so we are unable to give much time to our health. Our busy schedule has not left any fixed time for taking our meals or getting up in the morning. Sometimes, we don’t get any time for exercise as well. These things need attention else it may lead to obesity, which is the main reason behind developing various diseases.

These days, we give more preference to spicy and junk foods, ice-cream and cold-drinks, chocolates, sweets, high carbohydrate content foods like pasta and potatoes. We take these foods instead of having nutritious and healthy foods. Intake of high fat and carbohydrate content foods lead to the deposition of fat in the body and as a result we suffer from problem of overweight.

Lack of yoga or exercise is also responsible for the accumulation of excess body fat.

Anxiety, stress, psychological depression and trauma are the main psychological factors that may lead to eating disorder, which may result in obesity. Over-eating or too much dieting may result into the deposition of excess fat. Thus, mental peace is very much essential.

Sometimes, medical problems like neurological and thyroid problem may result in obesity.

The problem of being overweight or obesity can also be inherited from the family members who suffered the same condition.

The problem of obesity should be taken care else it may result to various kinds of diseases. Moreover, it makes one weak and the concerned person cannot do much work. So, if you are suffering from obesity you should take some measures to lose your weight. Some tips on how to reduce obesity are given below:

Exercise is the best solution to reduce body weight. Exercise has several advantages. It eliminates the fats present in the body, trains the body muscles and eliminates the toxins present in our system thereby improving our daily lifestyle.

Drinking plenty of water is beneficial as it helps to flush out the unnecessary toxins from your body. It is advisable that one should drink at least 12 glasses of water per day.

One must eat healthy foods. Foods that one eats must contain vitamin, calcium and protein as these are essential requirements of our body. It helps us to be fit and healthy. It is advisable that one eats less food for four to five times a day instead of taking food at one go. This will not only protect you from being overweight but it will keep you fit and strong enough to perform everyday activities.