Fight Warts the Natural Way

Fight Warts the Natural Way

Warts are caused by a plethora of viruses, and there are equally many ways to fight them. The natural ways rank high in priority, because of the many advantages they come with besides remove the warts. You need a well-developed immune system to keep your body resistant to infections. These infections can prove to be challenging to treat, and you need to go about them with patience and persistence.

If you have had warts on several occasions, you will agree with me that they do come in varied sizes. They go through growth and therefore a small wart could grow to a big one with the passage of time, and the lump appears as a hard and tough growth. Read me if you have been dreaming to find a natural way to deal with these infections.

Garlic oil can do you good in your course to fight warts. The application is pretty simple. It entails smearing the oil on the lump without letting it come in contact with uninfected skin. Ensure to dress the lump after applying the oil. Garlic oil is the result of crushing the bulb and tapping the liquid that oozes. You may also go and buy ready garlic oil.

Pineapples have been found to wield certain enzymes protein in nature that can fight warts effectively. Cut a section of a pineapple peeling and let the inside part that bordered the flesh rest on the wart overnight. When it has been there for that long, you need to soak the wart with some warm water and peel off any loosening skin. Do this over and over until the wart disappears.

Those of you that live near water bodies where willow trees can be found in abundance have yet another way to stem these infections. You will be called to obtain a bark of the willow tree and tap some of its liquid onto the wart. The liquid contains an organic acid chemical that rids the warts with ease.

You will find that plants will take the largest part of the therapy you will be fighting warts with. It could be that you have never imagined that bananas could be of medicinal value. The inside of banana skins plays a very important part in the fight against warts. Wrap that around the wart and bind it with some dressing and let it for a whole day, then you can change it the following day. Keep doing that until the wart dissolves.

Now you know that you do not need to complicate things if you got a wart infection. You have pretty many solutions around you, so all you need to do is get the right material and do it yourself. With the increasing complexities in the health sector, do not be surprised when you go with a wart to the hospital and they book you for a major surgery! So seize the moment and do it yourself. If you have no clue on how to go about it, a neighbor, a friend or even a relative does. Go to them and receive a natural treatment.