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El Paso Baptist Clinic

The mission of the El Paso Baptist Clinic (EPBC) is to provide an efficiently run and logistically coordinated opportunity for dedicated health care professionals and auxiliary personnel to give of their time and skills to help the medically indigent in our community.

The EPBC vision is to exist to offer quality attention and care to the indigent patients of both sexes and all ages, taking into account their immediate and ongoing medical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The Baptist Clinic’s goal has been to expand services as a volunteer clinic that has worked to meet the needs of the medically indigent in south El Paso. For the last 40 years, approximately 150 patients are seen each Saturday. The clinic is funded through grants, individual contributions, churches, and others. It currently meets in Del Centro Baptist Church at 816 S. Florence St. The clinic is in search of their own building which will allow the clinic’s services to grow.

40 Years In El Paso Community
Eleanor Poe’s ministry started with orange juice, cookies and a message for neighborhood youth. 40 years and 20,000 patients later, the El Paso Baptist Clinic continues serving God and community.

Poe and her husband, Joe, began serving youth in South El Paso through simple services three decades ago. About 60 children came to hear the Bible, but the Poes saw an equally urgent physical need in the community–primary health care.

About 37 percent of El Paso residents have no health insurance, explained Eleanor Poe, founding director of the outreach. Many of the uninsured live in inner-city El Paso, where the clinic is located.

Poe recruited a doctor from First Baptist Church in El Paso, and the clinic was born. Although leaders did not advertise their services, the clinic’s strong reputation in the community encouraged growth. Residents were attracted by inexpensive services from doctors each Saturday. Visits cost 25 cents for the first 10 years of the clinic. Later, fees were doubled, and patients now pay a dollar. The charge is waived for those who cannot afford it. The clinic’s doctors serve only people without insurance. Those with insurance are directed to other appropriate services. “Not a Saturday comes that we don’t get people that have been turned away from somewhere else,” Poe said. A network of 185 volunteer workers and 40 doctors donate their services to the clinic. About 20,000 patients have entered the outreach.

El Paso Baptist Clinic
816 S. Florence St
El Paso, Texas 79901