9 Downsides Of Tobacco Smoking That You Might Not Have Considered

9 Downsides Of Tobacco Smoking That You Might Not Have Considered

By now, you have heard about the many reasons why you should flash that cigarette pack and quit the habit once and for all. Cigarette smoking is responsible for many preventable deaths and unless you want to join the statistics, you should do everything you can to quit. Following are some things that you might not have considered.

It can cloud your mind

Research has shown that smoking fogs the mind and it can be linked to memory problems. Smokers can experience a reduction in their reasoning abilities. Studies show that elderly smokers have a higher chance of developing dementia compared to non-smokers. If you want your mind to remain sharp right into your old age, you should stay away from the smokes.

It opens the door to infections

Smoking increases the risk of infection due to a pneumonia causing bacteria. Evidence shows that the respiratory system is damaged by smoking, making it much easier for disease causing organisms to run havoc. Smoking also affects immunity, which makes it difficult for the smokers to fight off infections. This basically means that as a smoker, you are more likely to get an infection and you have more difficulty fighting off the infection. Children exposed to the second hand smoke also face the same risk.

You can get diabetes Smoking is a risk factor for diabetes with a large percentage of smokers facing the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Those who smoke 20 or more cigarettes a day have a greater chance of getting diabetes than non-smokers.

You damage your sex life

If you are still not convinced, you should realize that smoking could have a negative impact on your sex life. Unless you want to start reaching for Viagra long before you hit middle age, you should quit the habit. Mounting evidence shows that smokers are more likely to get erectile dysfunction and the situation becomes worse the more cigarettes you smoke.

Premature menopause

Women who smoke face the risk of experiencing menopause much sooner than non-smokers would. They have an increased risk of experiencing infertility as the chemicals in the cigarettes kill off the egg cells produced in the ovaries. Menopause occurs due to reduction of the egg cells and smoking helps to speed up this process.

Smoking affects your vision

The smoking habit can dull your vision as it leads to formation of cataracts and other types of eye diseases. Studies show that age related macular degeneration can be caused by smoking and the result is blurred vision or blindness. Those who smoke have a higher likelihood of getting the disease than non-smokers.

Smoking affects sleep patterns

If you are having difficulty sleeping, it is a good idea to lay off the smokes. If you experience grogginess even after sleeping all night, smoking could be the culprit. Smoking affects the chest and this affects both the quantity and quality of sleep that you get. The effect of the chemicals in the cigarette wears off about two hours after you get into bed and after that, the body begins to react from the withdrawal. Lack of adequate sleep leads to other health complications.

Wrinkles everywhere!

As people go out of their way to look for the fountain of youth, smokers are steadily moving in the opposite direction. Smoking causes the formation of wrinkles and a smoker who is barely 30 years old can look closer to 50. Apart from the visible facial wrinkles, the smoker also gets wrinkles on other parts of the body like the arms and thighs, which is not a very pleasant sight. Many people seeking dermatological intervention to try to restore the luster of their skin are where they are because of smoking.

The quality and quantity of life

Studies show that heavy smokers reduce their life span by up to 10 years. Not only do they experience a shorter life, the quality of that life is compromised, as they have to deal with different health issues. On average, non-smokers have a much better quality of life than smokers do do.

Smoking has many more problems that are often overlooked. While most people know about the different cancers the habit can cause, it can also lead to bone issues like osteoporosis and arthritis, ulcers, kidney disease, heartburn and damage to the digestive system among others. If you are trying to quit, there are many options that can help and they range from medical intervention, to the more popular option of electronic cigarettes.