9 Different Ways To Use Ajwain Seeds To Treat Various Health Problems

9 Different Ways To Use Ajwain Seeds To Treat Various Health Problems

Ajwain seeds are sometimes called carom seeds, and they have the appearance of cumin seeds but smaller. They have a very strong odor that tastes a lot like thyme.

Ajwain is a very popular seed in India used as an ingredient in different cooking dishes. These aromatic seeds are a well known spice in Indian cooking, but they are becoming even more popular for the health benefits they possess.

These seeds are packed with essential oils like thymol which have anti-bacterial, anasthetic, and anti-fungal properties that can help with a host of health problems. The thymol naturally found in ajwain can be used as a cough remedy or to help ease asthma.

Take a look below to find out about the different health problems this seed can help you deal with.

Improves The Health of Your Heart

The thymol in ajwain can help to maintain and improve the health of your heart. The way the properties in these seeds help the heart is by improving the blood flow in this area, thus leading to a risk reduction of heart problems like cardiovascular disease.

Stop Ear Problems

Ajwain is capable of stopping ear problems like earaches by relieving the pain or discomfort. Earaches are normally caused by congestion in the ear canal, but if you apply the ajwain it will clear it up. You can steep the seeds with some garlic and sesame oil and then add a few drops into your ear.

Stop Indigestion

You can stop indigestion by mixing a tablespoon of ajwains with a little salt and then chewing the mixture. Once you swallow and digest this mixture it will help to quickly stop any discomfort youre experiencing due to indigestion. Ajwain is believed to have anti-acid properties that makes it so effective at reducing indigestion and other stomach problems.

Treat Infections

The thymol along with other anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and germicide properties in ajwain make it a great way to treat infections. Simply crush the seeds into a paste and then apply it thoroughly on any infections you may have. You can also use this seed to help you clean any wounds you develop too.

Stop Arthritic Pain

The seeds of ajwain have anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce the pain and complications of arthritis. Fill up a bathtub of warm water and soak some of the seeds in it for about ten minutes.

Submerge all of your problem areas into the tub and soak your aching joints for as long as you desire. Once you get out of the water you should feel a lot less pain than before you got in. You can also crush the seeds and then put the paste on your problem areas to get some fast relief from the pain of arthritis.

Better Sex Life

You can improve your libido and vitality by using ajawain. The reason ajwain is an effective way to improve your love life is because its considered to be an effective aphrodisiac.

Stop Migraines

Burn the seeds to release the essential oils it contains and inhale it through the nose. The essential oils like thymol will immediately help to relieve the pain youre experiencing from your migraine.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

You can get rid of bad breath by chewing on some ajwain seeds. The strong aromatic odor will freshen up your mouth so you dont have anymore bad breath to worry about.

What Else Should You Know About Ajwain

You can find good ajwain in spice shops or even the farmers market where they have Middle Eastern or Indian items for sale. To get the health benefits of ajwain you have to purchase fresh, whole seeds that have the potent smell when you rub it in between your fingers.

Always keep ajwain in a tight container in a cool, dark area thats away from the sun. The essential oils tend to evaporate very fast if you dont use it right away so make sure you use it as soon as possible.